5 Reasons to Choose a Professional Landscaper

Why Hire Professional Landscaper

There are 5 reasons homeowners should choose a professional landscaper instead of unsuccessfully attempting complex, time-consuming projects.  Every Spring, North Texans homeowners visit local nurseries and garden centers to freshen up their flower beds and outdoor living spaces.  While most of them are comfortable laying new mulch and using potted flowers to brighten up entryways, many will attempt bigger projects. 

Unfortunately, most of these attempts will be more than they bargained for. After all the wasted time and money, frustrated homeowners call professional landscapers like Legit Landscapes based in Richardson, Texas.

Reasons To Hire A Professional Landscaper

Here are 5 things to consider before you attempt to try a DIY landscaping instead of hiring a professional landscaping company:

1.          3-D Conceptual Design

Design plans done by professional landscaper

It’s important to have a clear vision of how you want your outdoor spaces to look and function before breaking ground.  Without a clear landscape design and space plan, you can easily end up with a hodge- podge of plants and a space that doesn’t properly function for you and your family.  A quality landscaping company will listen to your goals and priorities for your home and create a 3-D design plan so you will know exactly how your landscape will look and function once installation is complete.

2.         Proper Plant Selection, Placement and Planting

Why choose professional landscaper

Professional landscapers have extensive knowledge of the plants, trees, and shrubs that thrive in your area.  A quality landscaper will ensure the plants selected are not only appropriate for your landscape but also appropriate for your landscape’s lighting, drainage, and soil composition.

Check out our gallery to see more examples.

3.         Craftsmanship

Creating beautiful landscapes requires a lot of hard work, the correct tools and machinery, and the knowledge to bring it all together.  Using a professional landscaping company will ensure your project is professionally executed and completed.

4.          Superior Products

Professional landscapers have access to a professional network of nurseries, growers, and suppliers not available to the general public.  Using professional sources results in healthier and more impressive plant selections, quality hardscape materials, and professional grade supplies built to last.

Reasons to hire professional landscaper

5.         Customer Service

A quality landscaping company will stand by their work and often provide a warranty period for their projects.  Customers have peace of mind knowing their project was done correctly and that the company is responsive with any issue that may arise.

If you need professional landscaping, Legit Landscapes is here to help.  Contact us for a free consultation.

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Legit Landscapes is a family-owned, full-service landscaping design and installation company that serves North Texas homeowners. We specialize in high-end, beautiful landscaping, well-designed stonework, and custom water features. Our highly-skilled artisans transform outdoor spaces into relaxing retreats, peaceful sanctuaries, and functional areas for entertaining.

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