Drought Tolerant Landscaping In North Texas

Lavender Drought-Tolerant Plant For North Texas
Drought Tolerant Landscaping in North Texas

Drought-tolerant landscaping has many benefits for North Texans. One of the top benefits is that this type of landscaping reduces the amount of water needed for irrigation, which can help save money. This is especially important during the summer when there are water restrictions.

This type of landscaping is not only beautiful, but also very practical. It is achieved by using drought-tolerant plants, flowers, shrubs, mulches, and other techniques to create landscaping that requires less water. It is an environmentally friendly, more sustainable way to create beautiful outdoor spaces.  

Types of Drought Tolerant Landscaping For North Texas

There are many different types of drought-tolerant landscaping, including xeriscape (dry landscape) and Mediterranean landscape.

Mediterranean Landscaping

Mediterranean Drought Tolerant 
Lavender Used In Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Mediterranean landscaping is used in dry climates. The plants in this type of landscape are drought-tolerant and can withstand long periods without rain.

There are many ways to create a Mediterranean landscape. One way is to use plants that are proven to be drought-tolerant, such as the ones listed below. Another way is to use water-conserving features like drip irrigation systems or rainwater catchment systems.

Xeriscape Landscaping

Xeriscape Drought Tolerant Landscaping
Photo of Xeriscape Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Xeriscape is a type of landscaping that uses drought-tolerant plants and other techniques to reduce water usage. Xeriscape can be used in any climate, but it is most effective in areas with semi-arid climates, such as the southwestern United States.

The term “xeriscape” was coined in the late 1970s to describe landscape design that emphasizes native plants and natural materials to conserve water and energy while providing an attractive setting.

Drought Tolerant Plants Commonly Used In North Texas

The plants used in drought resistant landscaping are often native to North Texas and are well-adapted to the local climate. They are also often low-growing, so they don’t need as much space as other plants.

Some drought-resistant plants used in North Texas include:

Agave Drought Tolerant Plant
Aloe Vera Drought Tolerant Plant
Aloe Vera
Cactus Drought tolerant plant
Cactus Plant
Succulent drought tolerant plant
Yucca drought resistant plant
Sedum plant
Sedum Drought tolerant plant
Sedum drought resistant plant

Other desert type plants

Some of these types of plants have deep roots that can reach down into the soil for water, while others have leaves that close when it is hot and dry outside to prevent water loss through transpiration.

Drought Tolerant Flowers Commonly Used In North Texas

There are lots of drought-tolerant flowers that will thrive in North Texas heat without needing a lot of water. Here are some of the most popular:

Drought Tolerant For North Texas Landscaping
Drought Resistant flowers for North Texas Landscaping
Examples of Drought Tolerant flowers to use in North Texas
Photos of North Texas Drought Tolerant landscaping

Why It’s Important to Use Professional Landscaper For Drought Tolerant Landscaping

When you decide to try drought-resistant landscaping, it’s best to consult with a professional landscaper like Legit Landscapes. This is important because they have the experience, expertise, and knowledge to complete all aspects of this job properly. They know which plants, flowers, and shrubs to use. They are experts at planning, designing, constructing, and completing these types of projects. They also have access to the proper equipment and flowers, plants, shrubs that homeowners don’t have access to.

Additionally, they can provide a 3D design of the landscaping, so you can see how it will look. Most importantly, they will incorporate your needs and wants to create the landscape of your dreams. Legit Landscapes is ready to help. Contact us today for a consultation or an estimate.

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