Landscape Water Features That Are Popular In North Texas

Popular Landscaping Water Feature In North Texas

Landscape water features are increasing in popularity in North Texas. This blog will focus on the three most popular.

There’s a wide array of options when selecting a water feature for your landscaping. Here are a few options to consider when designing the perfect water feature to enhance your outdoor spaces:

Pondless Fountain Water Feature

Pondless fountains are great for small spaces and work well with many types of vessels, such as vases, bowls, and natural rock waterfalls. They can range from a small fountain for a patio to a stunning showpiece. 

Fountain water feature
Pondless Fountain Water Feature
Fountain landscape water feature
Courtyard water feature

Landscape Stream Water Feature

Stream water feature

Custom Waterfalls And Ponds

Custom waterfalls and ponds add beauty, reduce stress, and add to the overall value of your property. A variety of elements can be added to create a one-of-a-kind water feature that enhances the architecture of your home and property. Well-designed water features provide a focal point and a destination for entertaining, stress reduction, or escape. Skilled landscapers are masters at creating water features that rival the beauty of natural ponds and streams. Layering in beautiful boulders and intentionally placed landscape lighting add natural texture and dimension to your space.

Custom backyard landscape water feature

Why Landscape Water Features Are Popular

Water features add beauty, and they are a source of relaxation. Water in motion engages our senses, and its therapeutic properties have a calming effect on our overactive nervous systems. That’s why Legit Landscapes enjoys designing these for our clients. 

If you’re considering adding a water feature to your landscaping, select a professional landscaper to ensure it’s done correctly. They will help you determine which style and material will be best to use to transform your outdoor living spaces. They will also use the highest-rated systems available to ensure optimal water conservation and low maintenance. 

Legit Landscapes helps homeowners in North Texas connect with nature by creating custom water features. Contact us if you have questions about custom water features or want an estimate.

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