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Landscape Design in Richardson, TX

Rely on the help of an expert landscape and hardscape contractor when you’re planning an outdoor project. At Legit Landscapes in Richardson, TX, we use a method called phased landscape design, which involves completing the landscaping project in stages that build upon each other. Each phase creates a beautiful scene on its own, so you can stop whenever you want, but we believe you’ll be so satisfied with our work that you’ll be eager to see it through to completion.

Our Process

We carefully look at all aspects of your space when designing a plan for your home. Mapping out each element of your existing and proposed landscape and outdoor living space allows you to visualize your project. We choose a palette of plants, trees & landscape features to enhance your property & increase the value of your home.

  • Invest in a sustainable, environmentally friendly garden. We make it a priority to use local plant species and efficient water usage methods in your landscape design.
  • Spend more time among the beauty of nature. Our beautiful backyard landscape designs will make you want to spend every second outdoors!
  • Install the outdoor features of your choice with the help of a skilled hardscape contractor like Legit Landscapes. We can build elegant stone fireplaces, rock gardens, patios, and much more.
  • Create a garden that can withstand the hot sun. We design our landscapes and hardscapes with the local environment in mind and place a special emphasis on drought-tolerant plants.

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