Ways To Use Ornamental Cabbage And Kale To Add Vibrant Color To Outdoor Spaces 

Ways to use ornamental cabbage and kale

There are various ways to use ornamental cabbage and kale to add brilliant color to your landscaping.  In this blog, landscaping experts at Legit Landscapes will share various ideas for North Texas homeowners to incorporate these unusual, eye-catching plants in their outdoor spaces.

Ways To Use Ornamental Cabbage And Kale

Try ornamental cabbage and kale to add beautiful, bold color and texture to your landscaping. Although these plants are a type of cabbage, they are not grown for consumption. They are specifically grown to be decorative plants that are perfect for adding color to your fall landscaping. They are often used as focal points in fall flower displays. 

These plants can add bursts of color in a variety of places throughout your outdoor spaces. They are mainly used in borders and other landscape features. Be creative and add color, texture, and interest by planting them in the ground, raised beds, containers, and pots scattered throughout your landscaping.

They pair well with mums, pansies, and other fall flowers and plants. Ornamental cabbage and kale also look great planted together.  

ornamental kale and cabbage

Decorative kale and cabbage each have lovely features that will add contract to your landscaping. Their outer layers are green when they are first planted, but the centers of these eye-catching plants turn vibrant purple, white, pink, red, or maroon. 

Ornamental cabbage plants have flat leaves with smooth edges. Decorative kale plants have rough crinkly leaves with frilly, fringed edges that often look like feathers. 

ways to use ornamental cabbage and kale in outdoor spaces

They thrive in cool weather, which is needed to develop the vibrant colors that burst from the center of each plant. The color of the rosette center enhances as the plants age.

They do well in cool and cold temperatures and are easy to grow in the winter. The best time to plant ornamental cabbage is from the beginning of November to December. They can survive in cold temperatures, but extremely cold temperatures can kill them. You can purchase these plants at a nursery or from a landscaper to transplant in early fall. It’s best to check to ensure they can survive in your area. 

Contact us if you have questions or want to use any of these fabulous landscaping options. We would love to help.  

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